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My ultimate goal is to complete my doctorate so that I can effectively lead as a school administrator, actively engage in research that focuses on addressing equity gaps, and specifically contribute to the social, emotional, and academic improvement of foster youth and homeless special populations. Over the past seven years, I have worked as a special education paraeducator, substitute teacher, general education teacher, and as an administrative services credential candidate to gain experience as an educator and teacher leader. The importance of continuous learning and self-development motivated me to obtain a Master's Degree in Education with an emphasis on curriculum and instruction including a multiple subjects teaching credential. With my curiosity and passion for teaching, my goals have shifted into educational leadership. I started taking leadership roles at my school and eventually decided to enroll in the MA in Educational Leadership and Administrative Credential Program at Concordia University Irvine. Understanding the capability of all students to learn, the importance of building relationships, the incorporation of social-emotional learning in curriculum and instruction, the preparation of students in consonance with the 21st-century learning skills, and the effective employment of collaborative leadership in education are my educational philosophies which have been guiding me in all my work as an educator and teacher leader. Moreover, I will continue to use these throughout the process of becoming a school administrator and a doctoral student. By completing a doctorate, I plan to improve my capacity as an educational leader through the use of research and practice to address the inequities California schools are facing today.

Teachers are given a powerful role to make an impact with each of their students and they can contribute a lot to help direct these students to the path that will help them be successful in the future. Thus, educators need to take advantage of this opportunity. I believe that California schools need equity-driven leaders. With my philosophy of education as my guiding principles, I can, as an evolving equity-driven leader, lead educators to work towards the common goal of closing the equity gaps starting from the classrooms with the dream of progressing to the whole educational system. Read more...



With his passion for advocating for students and their families, Mr. Alvarado is ready for this opportunity to help him become a transformative school leader. He is prepared to refine his skills assessing pedagogies, practices, policies, and curricula that hold the potential to improve the life chances of minoritized students such as ours. I would love to see Mr. Alvarado fulfill his potential and I am confident in doing so he would make steps to dismantle the systemic inequities within our educational system. It would be a grave mistake not to admit Mr. Alvarado into the EdD Leadership Program at San Jose State.

Kristina Ravo, Principal


I have known Anthony for over three years now and can vouch for his integrity in the workplace, his devotion to our students and their families and his continuous search for self-improvement.


If I had to highlight Anthony’s best quality and the one quality that makes him a great candidate for your program, it would be his devotion and caring of other people. We need people in our educational system who sincerely care about all our students and make them believe in themselves. That is all it takes; that one champion. 

Christina Beilby, Teacher

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Anthony is an all-around educator and visionary who has the foresight and flexibility to respond to a constantly changing environment. He volunteers to take on additional responsibilities.

If you are looking for a professional asset who is committed to research and address the academic needs of an undeserved community, you will find your star in Anthony Alvarado. With great pleasure, I endorse Anthony as a highly qualified candidate for a doctoral fellowship in the Ed.D. Educational Leadership Program at San Jose State University.

Doreen Ogata, Teacher

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