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1st-3rd Grade Winners


February (Index Card Tower) - Ms. Hsu's Class

January (Toilet Paper Roll Creation) - Ms. Do's Class

December (Marshmallow Bridge) - Ms. Shinagawa's Class

November (Hoop Glider) - Mr. Alvarado's Class

October (Catapult) - Ms. Lam's Class

September (Gum Drop Tower) - Ms. Do's Class


May / June (Roller Coaster) - Mr. Alvarado's Class

April (Egg Drop) - Mr. Alvarado's Class

March (Rainbow Bridge) - Ms. Hatakeyama's Class

February (Air Mail) - Ms. Hatakeyama's Class

January (Sledding Ramp) - Ms. Lam's Class

December (Santa's Parachute) - Ms. Do's Class

November (May Flower Ship) - Mr. Alvarado's Class

4th-6th Grade Winners


February (Index Card Tower) - Ms. Katzen's Class

January (Toilet Paper Roll Creation) - Mrs. Witmeyer's Class

December (Marshmallow Bridge) - Mrs. Baskerville's Class

November (Hoop Glider) - Ms. Katzen's Class

October (Catapult) - Ms. Suh's Class

September (Gum Drop Tower) - Mrs. Burrell's Class


May / June (Roller Coaster) - Ms. Lee's Class

April (Egg Drop) - Mrs. Baskerville's Class

March (Rainbow Bridge) - Mrs. Boram's Class

February (Air Mail) - Mrs. Boram's Class

January (Sledding Ramp) - Mrs. Barrios' Class

December (Santa's Parachute) - Mrs. Witmeyer's Class

November (May Flower Ship) - Ms. Lee's Class

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